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05 fevereiro 2007

So I´ve been wondering round and round, within the locations of the Transmediale Festival, trying to find you. I was looking at every guy who could look like you. This seek became a little insane and I begun to be afraid not to recognize you anymore. There were so many faces!! It was really very hard to look at the eyes of any guy who could be you. And then he wasn´t you. And I´ve done this more than only once, and sometimes, more than once with the same guy. And I was so afraid not to recongnize you! So you would think I don´t care about you anymore. And you would have this wrong idea about me. And all I wanted is to meet you again, so, where are you? In the Kastanienallee, in a hotel? I´ve found the number of two possible hotels there. Lucky me there aren´t so many of them. Bloody me, that I haven´t done it before.
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