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07 fevereiro 2007

I wrote a lot of short movies´ scripts with me and you, me and you, me and you, going opposite ways in different trains, passing by through a very same station at the very same time, not seeing each other, are you feeling it? I mean, I don´t even dare to wonder what you´re feeling, but usually I can only miss someone that´s also missing me. It´s a question of connection. Otherwise, I don´t care.
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Then I was so tired of looking at all the faces on the street, never knew it could be so tyring! And sometimes looking twice at the same guy, and my face certainly wasn´t the "in love" one, but some sick-seeking face, so the guy would´ve thought I´m taking him wrong. No, I´d said, I´m looking for Kristoffer, or Christopher, who droped on and off, just like this.
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05 fevereiro 2007

It was full moon, I should have noticed that, so you passed by like a mooshine. But moonshines also stay, so that I could feel your longing so long, and now I see why. I´m gonna write a song and spread it. Post my fantasies, no shame about them, make it sound away until it reaches your country, your way, your heart.
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Why is that, that I´m so crazy looking for someone that I don´t even know well? What´s actually driving me? I could see us, passing by and not seeing each other, on a subway station, on the stairs or in the rooms of the Akademie der Künste. I would be seeing one installation, you would be watching another one. So where the hell did you go that day? Have you got tired of waiting for me? Have you found someone else more interesting? Have you even thought about me?
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So I´ve been wondering round and round, within the locations of the Transmediale Festival, trying to find you. I was looking at every guy who could look like you. This seek became a little insane and I begun to be afraid not to recognize you anymore. There were so many faces!! It was really very hard to look at the eyes of any guy who could be you. And then he wasn´t you. And I´ve done this more than only once, and sometimes, more than once with the same guy. And I was so afraid not to recongnize you! So you would think I don´t care about you anymore. And you would have this wrong idea about me. And all I wanted is to meet you again, so, where are you? In the Kastanienallee, in a hotel? I´ve found the number of two possible hotels there. Lucky me there aren´t so many of them. Bloody me, that I haven´t done it before.
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Hey Christopher, oder Kristoffer, Danmark, oder Christofer, Danmark, or even Chistoffer, Danmark! I´ve been looking for you the whole weekend! We met in the Sophiaensaele, then we went to the Cinema Bar and the you went to your hotel somewhere in the Kastanienallee. Please write me. I wanna meet you again. Laura
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